Comprehensive Rebuilding Services

Comprehensive services cover all electronic and mechanical components of your ATR-102, MTR-10 or Studer A810. Boards, motors, power supply unit and electro-mechanical sub-assemblies are cleaned, inspected and repaired for optimal operation. Exterior housing refurbishing is also available.

Circuit Board Repair and Update

Modular electronic architecture of professional analog recorders permits the convenience of off-site repair service. Contact us about shipping any of your ATR-102s, A810s, MTR-10s printed circuit boards for evaluation and repair.

Head Assemblies

Myriad Magnetic is capable of providing tape head evaluation and reconditioning services. A detailed inspection of your head assembly will cover tape head evaluation, flutter idler refurbishing and thorough cleaning. Head lapping services or new head replacement are available for all makes and models.

Bearing Replacement

Class-7 ball bearings are available for professional recorders with lubrication custom-specified for silent operation. Contact us about shipping rollers in for replacement or purchase bearings direct.

Technical Support

Let’s connect by phone or video-conference to diagnose faults to your system.

On-Site Repair and Training Services

Myriad Magnetic is available to hire for on-site technical visits. Contact us regarding your specific needs.

Maintenance Contracts

Myriad Magnetic provides ongoing technical support to institutions and professional recording facilities. Contact us to establish a routine maintenance plan for your facility.