About Us

Myriad Magnetic LLC is owned and operated by magnetic recording expert Dan Labrie.

Dan has been involved in professional analog recording technology since 2010. He began his career replacing switches and capacitors on an 80-input Amek console at a recording studio in metro Detroit. He moved to York, Pennsylvania to work with analog tape pioneer Mike Spitz at recorder refurbishment shop ATR Services and analog tape manufacturer ATR Magnetics. For nearly a decade, Dan led technical oversight of both operations. Dan is passionate about understanding magnetic recording technology and in turn sharing his understanding with industry.

Dan founded Myriad Magnetic in an effort to support the Ampex ATR-100 series and other professional analog tape recorders, including Studer A810s and Otari MTR-10s.

Myriad Magnetic also offers custom training events and service schedules in an effort to preserve this technology. Myriad Magnetic knows no bounds in its efforts to preserve and amplify magnetic recording technology.

More on our technical capabailities

Myriad Magnetic possesses all of the necessary electronic test and mechanical inspection equipment to maintain Ampex ATR-100 series machines and other professional tape recorders.

Bench equipment including the Sound Technology 1510A Tape Recorder/Audio Test System and Neutrik A2 Audio Test and Service System provide precise verification and alignment of audio parameters. Myriad Magnetic is an authorized dealer of Flux Magnetics tape heads and Magnetic Reference Laboratory calibration tapes.